Anode Protection System

Protecting your investment, one steel pile at a time.

Cathodic protection can be traced back to 1824, when the British Navy began protecting copper sheathing on vessels with iron anodes. This would stop the corrosion from forming due to seawater. We use a very simple system that has been refined over the years. Currently, freshwater boats use the same technology with the same science behind them to protect the lower steel unit of the boat engine. Using magnesium anodes, boats have been protected for years in lakes. Dock Shield follows the same premise as these boats; however, our system has been designed to protect a larger volume that steel docks take up in the water.

Your steel dock is currently sitting in one of the best electrolyte solutions there is – water. As a result, our corrosion protection system will sacrifice itself instead of the steel piles in the water. An anode submerged in the electrolyte solution (as the water surrounding the steel pile is composed of one-third of oxygen) gives off ions that force electrons through the bonding back into your steel dock. Since your steel dock’s electrons are being replenished, corrosion comes to an almost complete stop, increasing the longevity and safety of the steel structure.

*Patent Pending

Our innovative sacrificial anode system was developed right here in Muskoka.

Your estimate will vary based on the size and complexity of your dock; however, our base price is simple:

$225 per anode, per pile

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